Country exclusivity or in countries like the US state exclusivity

The Master Franchise model is one that has the geographic exclusivity of a country or state (U.S.) and that is in charge of managing the ESM brand (always under our support and policy) and on whom the Mini Franchises will depend.


Local or regional territorial exclusivity

The Mini Franchise model is aimed at existing or newly opened academies that want to use the ESM methodology and services / products with local / regional exclusivity.

How it works?

In the United States of America, youth sport annual expenses is over 19 billions of dollars

Franchise as a business model

The Franchise model allows you to have your own business, but supported by a human and expert team behind that works for you and will guide you to success. In addition, the franchise network allows you to learn from each other and share successful experiences. All this will make you feel part of a powerful global brand and gain greater visibility for your business.