Consulting and Know-How

We offer you extensive support during the first year to help our franchisees develop their business.

  • Methodological football / soccer training.
  • Business training.
  • Training of digital tools, crm, social networks, app, online training platform.

We work closely with our established franchisees to help develop and expand their businesses as they move toward achieving both their personal and brand goals.


  • We provide professional marketing materials that can be customized to include your own information.
  • Marketing double focus both on the user (the soccer player) and the decision maker (the family).
  • We provide content and guidance for social media.
  • We provide professional images, messages and video content.
  • We provide each franchisee with their own local website.
  • We share information between franchises, such as success stories, to build a brand and help other franchisees.


  • Online enrollment system for easy parental enrollment and payment.
  • Unified clothing to manage your business.
  • Online training platform for coaches to learn and become certified coaches.
  • Own APP for team management and creation of training sessions.
  • Database of exercises with categorization, skills to work, explanation, videos, variants,…
  • CAMPUS planning service.
  • Search for agreements with partners that may be beneficial to franchisees.

Franchise network

  • An active franchise network providing information on marketing, technology and strategic decisions.
  • Structured opportunities to interact with other established franchisees to share best practices and learning.