Our strong and differentiated points

We have a unique methodology in the market: DUAL TASK technical-cognitive methodology. On the one hand, player works the technical, physical and mental part of the player in an integral way. On the other hand, trainer learns tools and new ways of training decision-making. Easy planning and management of tasks and teams.

Based on the understanding of the game, decision-making and the correct execution of it. It has a positive impact also on a personal and educational level: improves brain processing speed in students associated with high neuroplasticity, helps to substantially improve long-term educational results, increases the level of teamwork, team values and cooperation and helps maintain focus and concentration.

Always at the forefront of current sports science studies, based on scientific literature. The method has been developed by UEFA Coaches and University Professors in Cognitive Training. It is valid from Beginner to Advanced levels, from Amateur to Professional clubs.

Elite Skills Method can be used in all training sessions. It can be applied regardless of the equipment available, from the most basic to the highest technology. The methodology adapts to your circumstances.

Regarding the business

Successful model

Be part of a tested and successful business model


Work for yourself, at your own pace.

Your passion

Combine your passion into an amazing career


Stand out from other academies near to you with a different training method.


Enjoy territorial exclusivity in your are to enhance differentiation.


Offer innovation and quality, always at the forefront of current sports science studies

New products

Continued development of new services and products

Unique product

Offer a big variety of services, profitable and unique in the market, always with high-quality standards.

Recurring incomes

Own a big number of clients at your disposal to generate recurring incomes.

Customer benefits

Provide sport, academic and personal benefits for Elite Skills Method users.

High impact

A good and high-impact marketing service to engage new clients for the business.


Learn online and onsite about the method and its applications, as well as the business keys.

Apps adHoc

Work with ad-hoc digital tools adapted to the business to make your job easier.

Successful team

Enjoy of an excellent and expert human team behind you, supporting in every business area.

Franchise network

A franchise network ready for sharing experiences and improve every day.

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